The Opportunity
Competition is fierce in today's ever-challenging business environment. Globalization, new industry regulations, world-wide uncertainties and rising costs of goods and services all serve to further challenge your business. You know you need to make key business decisions about the use and allocation of precious resources in order to realize maximum operations efficiency. You need business intelligence, and you need it now.

Maestro Solutions' optimalOne™ Supply Chain Management suite of software solutions empowers today's businesses with advanced planning and visibility solutions to help you meet the customer satisfaction levels you seek, to effectively manage the global challenges of today, and to maximize profitability.

The Maestro Solutions' optimalOne suite of software solutions includes:

    Maestro TruView™ Technology
Only Maestro optimalOne provides a rich visualization of your supply chain health through a web-browser. You can see in one screen the visual flow of products through your supply chain, inventory at the various facilities, movement of orders, congestion points, and more. Drill-down for details, even seeing individual lorries and orders. This rich visualization moves before your eyes, giving you a true view of what is actually happening. For planners, such visibility proves immensely valuable, especially if things don’t go quite right. Planners can immediately see and execute on alternative option plans should a disruption occur, like a silo breakdown. On the other hand, for management, Maestro TruView™ is an ideal method for monitoring the supply chain and ensuring all personnel are working in smooth unison.
    Maestro PowerFlex Portal
PowerFlex Portal technology from Maestro Solutions is unparalleled in enabling you to deploy customized portals for your internal users and business partners to collaborate on. This real-time information-exchange portal helps you securely publish, share, access and document crucial business information. Information can be carefully restricted depending on the scope of the user. You can easily share the right information within your organization and with your suppliers and distributors. Users directly interact with your business through this portal. Ultimately, PowerFlex Portal helps you significantly shorten lead-time for many critical processes, which translates to substantial cost-savings.
    Maestro Reporter™
Maestro Reporter technology from Maestro Solutions makes business intelligence easily accessible to all users, and not just report specialists. We know that the hardest aspect of deploying reporting solutions is deploying hard-to-use client software on users’ computers, and training only specialist staff to be able to manage reports. These specialist staff then often find themselves swamped by the many reporting requests from users.

Maestro Reporter solves these problems with its ReportDesigner which runs entirely in a web-browser. The rich web-interface enables the user to simply drag and drop fields in a report, and quickly set aggregate fields, filters, and sort priority. The report can then be easily deployed to the right users using a visual depiction of the organization. Once a basic report is complete, users can view the report with one-click. Even then, the user can continue to drag-and-drop fields to slice-and-dice the data in different ways. Maestro Reporter technology ensures that business intelligence gets to the right users who need it.

    Maestro Optimization Engine
The Optimization Engine powers Maestro's series of planning products. The optimization engine uses cutting-edge algorithms and is designed to give you powerfully robust results. The engine can also be licensed by software application providers for standalone use in other planning applications.
    Maestro Disruption Manager
The Disruption Manager helps you evaluate the impact of potentially challenging scenarios or unforeseen events, and identify coping strategies, explore tradeoffs, re-plan your operations plan, and effectively collaborate between stakeholders. This includes what-if-scenario analysis, monitoring, and alerting capabilities to help you effectively manage events.
    Maestro Inventory Manager
The dynamic and flexible Inventory Manager helps you effectively manage and mobilize your inventory such as raw materials, assets and manufactured products. This helps you achieve optimal inventory levels across your supply chain with the same or improved customer service levels, but without the high costs associated with non-optimal inventory levels.
    Maestro Operations Planner
The Operations Planner helps you develop optimal operation plans. The Planner can incorporate extensive constraints, model the most complex of processes, and handle uncertain data. For example, the Planner may be used to optimally plan inventory levels for warehouses throughout your supply chain.
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