Giving small companies big dreams
New Straits Times- August 28, 2009

Maestro Planning Solutions Sdn Bhd has been a major player in the supply chain management for the local cement and oil and gas industry.

Yet a few years ago, the company decided to expand and take its success onto the global platform. With this goal in mind, QuickSchools was born.

Aris Samad-Yahaya, CEO, QuickSchools Inc. talking to a visitor at the QuickSchools booth in a conference in Albany, New York.QuickSchools is a school management system (SMS) that utilises a similar supply chain management system, but on a web platform. By incorporating the system on the Internet, the company allows the end user to afford the kind of technology that benefits many large organisations.

The SMS allows schools to record, manage and consolidate student report cards and class schedules online. As an innovative and unique product - possibly the first in the world - that could tap into millions of schools around the world, the company's proposal was easily accepted for the prestigious MSC Malaysia Research and Development Grant Scheme (MGS).

"Rm1 million was disbursed for research on the scheduling application of school timetables that would be intuitive, workable and most importantly cost effective because the business is about minimising cost," explains Azreen Latiff, COO of Maestro Planning Solutions Sdn Bhd.

"The grant presents an opportunity for innovation that can spawn new ways of doing things and ideas that would otherwise have been unattainable to small companies in Malaysia," says a beaming Azreen.

Without the grant, the scheduling modules would not be completed on time and would dent the company's break into the school market, as it was a fundamental application.

Thanks to the grant, the company was able to incorporate QuickSchools Inc. in the United States to service the market there. When the product was launched, more than a dozen schools signed up online, with the farthest being from Honduras.

The company is now eyeing an exhibition in the United States for private schools that would open up a world of opportunities for a tiny company from Malaysia with big ambitions.


















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