January, 2003:
Maestro Solutions wins first prize in the Malaysia Venture 2002 Business Plan Competition.

July, 2003:
Maestro officially launches the optimalOne™ Supply Chain Management Software Suite.

October, 2003:
Cement Industries of Malaysia Berhad (CIMA) selects Maestro Solutions to reinvigorate their supply chain with Maestro’s flagship software, the optimalOne™ Supply Chain Management suite.

August, 2004:
In less than 10 months, Maestro completes deployment of optimalOne to over 30 locations across Malaysia for CIMA. The system connects all internal stakeholders to one system, as well as external parties such as distributors and transporters.

September, 2004:
CIMA publicly announces project success at the launch of their logistics revamp initiative called the ‘Logistics Winning Edge Solution’. The Logistics Winning Edge Solution is CIMA’s plan to increase customer service levels and delivery reliability as a cement market leader, through the application of logistics best practices from MDS Logistics Sdn Bhd, and Supply Chain Management software from Maestro Solutions. At the launch, CIMA garnered significant accolades from their business partners who attested to the success of the project.



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