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Announcing the launch of QuickSchools.com
- April 9, 2009

Maestro Solutions is proud to announce the launch of our flagship offering - QuickSchools.com, an online school management system. We have raised RM4.5m in venture funding in order to market this product in the United States. MDeC has also approved a RM1.06m R&D grant.

Net Value: Maestro's Ongoing Journey
- The Edge - Feb 2, 2009
Maestro's foray into school management systems with QuickSchools.com is taking off.

Net Value: Going Global via Web 2.0
- The Edge - Oct 1, 2007
We are now in talks with a private school chain that has a network of schools globally and over 100 in the US. The lead came to us through a client referral.

Optimisation From Within - Malaysian Business - May 1, 2007
Through optimisation, operational savings in general can be as much as 30%. Optimisation is the core of the company's flagship software solution called optimalOne.

Manager@Work: Entrepreneur - The Edge - Feb 26, 2007
Our desire to hire the best has paid off. We have had incredible talent join us in the past, and we have an exceptional team now.

When we chose Maestro Solutions and optimalOne, we knew it would be the best solution and we are proud of the results.

Dato' Rosli Sharif
Managing Director, CIMA

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